Rich Media can be a particularly fruitful source of innovation.

It is also a great source of solutions both tried and tested or novel and surprising.

We have prepared a selection of unusual Rich Media-based ads from the automotive industry. Ones you really must see. You should watch them in order to see the possibilities that modern ad formats give and how car manufacturers can best present the advantages of their flagship models.

Guarding your car

If you think banners aren’t made for this, watch this Renault car commercial. And then, buy your own.

Tire effectiveness test

Check the effectiveness of your tyres on a slippery surface. You’ll be using a snowman for testing purposes. Fun guaranteed!

Waking up the driver

Drivers that come with a “fall asleep behind the wheel” function usually mean trouble. Fortunately, there are banners (and technological solutions) that take care of this.

Playing the drums

Do you sometimes feel like playing the drums, but you never bought a drum kit because it takes up to much space? No worries, play on… space!


No need to explain really – an ad which allows a tug-of-war.


Why not tickle a banner?

Rain control

The power to control the weather is everyone’s dream. Until it comes true, we will continue to use this simulation.

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As a production & traffic manager in Trzask Studio, she finds every little bug and seek lapses in every corner.
She have all the specifications in one finger, any mediaplan will be cracked-out by her within 5 minutes.
After hours she’s crazy about… hedgehogs! And Iceland & Norway too.

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