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In September, the web was flooded with ads for a character who knows all there is to know about webs. So, we have taken a closer look at the ads for “Marvel’s Spider-Man” game for PlayStation and we have a few thoughts.


Developing a creative which faithfully represents the world of superheroes is no small challenge because viewers are used to extremely effective movies and games starring their favorite characters. However, a display type advertisement doesn’t always allow for the use of video so, designers of formats more limited in terms of size have to show some extra creativity.


The main objective is to create an atmosphere which accompanies the given character in the ad. The promotional campaign for the “Marvel’s Spider-Man” game managed this excellently.


A part of the creative incorporated a combination of video clips with HTML5 animation. This resulted in an intriguing game announcement whose structure and atmosphere references a movie trailer. An interesting solution! The character, strongly associated with the big screen, manages to fit this format perfectly. Additionally, not using up the entire length of the creative on video makes it lighter. The final result is as follows:



Another way of engaging the potential game recipient is to add motion to the static graphics, giving them a dynamic quality associated with Spider-Man’s adventures. The advertisement showcases his distinct poses and the situations in which he finds himself. Perfect execution and editing give the impression of a fully fledged animation and the recipient does not lose focus, being effectively led to a clear call to action.



The third creative form which drew our attention features a story. Subsequent screens show intriguing texts interspersed with simple graphics. The entire ad skillfully builds tension and whets the appetite of the viewer who, from the final screen, can be redirected to the game purchase and download page.



The campaign promoting the newest adventures of Spider-Man was, of course, much more extensive. It also incorporated many static formats which serve a basic informational purpose and prompt the viewer to buy the game. Their appearance was as follows:



In our opinion, the individual creatives comprising the campaign were characterized by solid execution and skillfully encouraged viewers to take action, in this case – buy the game. However, we should point out a lack of formats creating a WOW effect, similar to those promoting the game “World of Tanks”.



Superheroes are a topic with much potential, therefore, it’s a pity the creators did not decide on more spectacular actions. However, we can’t complain, because overall this campaign was an example of really good work!


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