Interesting and inspiring advertisements should be created in an interesting place by inspiring people. We believe that this is precisely the case with us, and with this post we will make you believe it.

Let’s start with that we really like our job… but we also love to sleep – that’s why we start at 9 AM. We love to drink coffee from a coffee machine…and an AeroPress! We prefer chocolate varieties, intensely energizing for the day to come. We are like a family, and the morning ritual of slicing bread rolls or talking about babies and recently executed projects, constitutes a great boost of positive energy. The moment when we can loosen up and calmly start the day is really important.

The studio is located at a blind alley near the Saski park and a beautiful modern art gallery. The street is full of vegetation and the sole tenement house still remembers the pre-war era. The inside is modern, kept in black&white with golden additions. The colors are enriched by a wild expression of the production hallway’s chandelier. It’s creative, and that can be seen everywhere 🙂



We often begin our work by summing up the day.

We talk about currently executed projects and divide them into ASAP and ASAP ASAP. 😉

We also assign tasks to specific people and start the production! It is important that at any moment we can talk about where we get our inspiration from, what is important for a given brand, and how will we solve a given problem. We often ask: perhaps, let’s go crazy and execute this project in a completely different manner than last time? And then we do it!



During production we often talk about the project and think about what is should look like.

Someone gives a suggestion and says what he or she saw recently on the web, what type of interaction would be the best, or simply what we could use to surprise the client who has just trusted us completely. Such projects are the best. We also often look at our works and provide following remarks, so that the project is as best as possible!


The file sharing system also provides us with peace of mind during the day. Thanks to it we have quick access and can efficiently work together on key projects. And what about tasks? Yes, we also have them. Our production director always cares so that every person has a task. Having no task is like having no leg, but let’s be honest – this makes work much easier when the pressure of time requires immediate action. There is not a moment to think what should be done. The production must work like a Swiss watch.



We have to admit something – we love to look at our advertisements on the web.

It’s just a moment of excitement, of achieving something great. As if presenting a new image to the world, one which we’ve just painted. And the best situations are those in which we enter the largest portals and see mainly our advertisements. Then the level of excitement exceeds even our level of efficiency!


We’ve entered the advertising realm for good.

Each moment someone from the team posts a link on the intranet directing to a great campaign. At our office one can hear such expressions as: “Ohhh, a new campaign for Word of Thanks, let’s make a case study about it!“, “How great is it that Facebook has a new type of advertisements!“, “Wow, with that campaign they’ve won a Lion at Cannes, let’s be inspired by it!”. We even made a system for saving such topics. It constitutes a great inspiration base. But let’s make it clear – funny gifs and sweet YouTube cats are also included…


We work in a coworking manner, and we are not hiding in corners because it’s great to talk, show someone our work, or ask what that person thinks of it. The best ideas are often created that way.

And of course, then we create something together. There are also moments when we have to eat something, talk, drink, loosen up – sometimes we gather together sharing a pizza or some sushi, and then a quick game of ping pong. PaweÅ‚ from production is the real spaghetti master – he often surprises us (positively) with his recipes! Often to balance the tension we play some games, and the Call of Duty disk never leaves the console 😉



What’s interesting is that our office has many secrets. In one of the rooms we have a spider on a golden wire, the first image of our brand hero – still in black&white – is included in a different one.

We also have a series of posters which decorate the walls – they include pixel arts and film previews. And then, Simon the cat – mandatory. The production room ceiling is decorated by a rainbow chandelier and the kitchen includes a hand painted image presenting our brand hero, created by our god friend. Our coffee machine isn’t normal either – it’s red and has a great power to generate inspiring coffee. Of course featuring a trzask sticker. Well actually, that sticker is included everywhere – on buttons, by the espresso manual, and on doors where we keep vacation postcards. We even have one from the Philippines, with a funny airplane. We also have a cardboard Trzask. He goes with us everywhere – recently we broke his arm by accident… he’ll get over it.



Once we made laser burned figurines as company gifts, which now decorate the boss’s cabinet holding all of the awards achieved by our projects. They work perfectly – it was a bull’s eye, something unique on a global scale 🙂 Can you imagine that the figurine included a keyboard and computer stylized like the first Apple one? That was a crazy time. Recently we’ve made a series of mugs with funny production texts featuring our brand hero. “Can the deadline be postponed?” that’s just one of the examples. They turned out beautiful, the daily coffee tastes great in them, but the deadlines are still fixed…



And what do we do in our free time? In the evenings we sometimes go to concerts, stand-ups, expositions – we have a great modern art gallery nearby – this broadens the horizons! 🙂 We form a team of people who are creative and expect something more from life. We feel that we can change the world surrounding us and we do that, step by step. We love to create animations for well known brands and decide what they should look like. That’s what we like the most!


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As a production & traffic manager in Trzask Studio, she finds every little bug and seek lapses in every corner.
She have all the specifications in one finger, any mediaplan will be cracked-out by her within 5 minutes.
After hours she’s crazy about… hedgehogs! And Iceland & Norway too.


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