“… hahaha, this is good, wait, what about making a slingshot for him? Oh, that’s a thought! It would be fine if it was possible to shoot with it, too!”


Creating online adverts is not everything that we are keen on, yes – we have other passions, too!

One of them is the love for details, for creating non-typical handmade things.


One of such things are figurines with our Trzask. Some time ago we created a limited series of realistic creatures for our favourite customers – I can tell you, creating them was a great fun!


The plan was simple, we do an original series for special customers on the occasion of Christmas. To make things more difficult, we pack them in a special box and we care for every detail, just like a real toy factory. We must remember to keep it functional!


and… we started in July, there was Plasticine, a sheet of paper and a pencil, there was Red Bull and plenty of crazy ideas. Not giving up we were creating the subsequent elements of the puzzle. We watched Willy Wonka, we wandered around the toy shops, we unpacked the boxes, we got into the swing of things up to the nines…


We designed a figurine, its spread of arms, smile, position of eyes, it all had to add up! In addition, we ensured that the figurines were functional, one of the mini figures was a pencil handle for a busy manager and the second was a mini slingshot for works manager who has to bravely meet the deadlines!


Do you think it is easy to make a figurine that will perfectly hold a pencil, which is much bigger than it? Or to design a slingshot in such a way that it doesn’t break during the attack? 🙂

That’s right, we had to think about physics and proper loading the figurines down. We decided to use printout from the 3D printer, during the next series a laser printer was also used. We were surprised how many details can be obtained when using powder overprint.



What about colours? A befriended artist – a painter, who every day paints figurines for board games – by his hands, step by step, delicately and slowly, he reproduced each element. The body received a proper set of colours creating the sophisticated gradient, eyes and ears had to distinguish themselves, additionally the elements received contour lines and the inside of the mouth was filled with teeth in a very realistic way. It was impressive!


The second series of figurines was equipped with additional elements with which we could create crazy situations. One of these elements was a replica of the cult Apple computer of 1984, we also added a mini keyboard, can you believe this?



Trzask with a slingshot received a special mini container for “paper bullets”. After loading the slingshot, the bullet went really fast, we were shooting at each other in the company rooms, I tell you – we were having a great time!


But it couldn’t be that easy…we went one step further and we conjured up a series of boxes with real Plexiglas and the figurine itself was fixed to the base with wire filaments, just like super toys by Mattel company.
On the packaging there were parameters of the figurines and the bar code, just like in a shop. Additionally there was a golden ticket with some wishes (from Willy Wonka!) in every box.


Virtually each element was unique in a certain way.
In fact, we put a lot of effort into it!


The result was amazing, friends from the industry were shocked, every minute we got videos and photos showing how creative industry is playing with it at work. One of the videos showed a car crash where our figurine was sitting in the car, he he.



Wyświetl ten post na Instagramie.


Post udostępniony przez Trzask (@trzaskstudio)


I think it was a remarkable adventure, where marketing result was not important and what really mattered was the aim to create something special, unique! We often heard the voices –“each year we get standard marketing things and your present was out of this world, we will never forget it”. And most importantly, these people whom we contacted at that time still remember us very well after so many years and they return to us remembering this action.

Trzask 3D Graphic

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It is also remarkable that we can transfer our creative skills into the real world, where love for figurines, ability to animate them, have even a greater effect while creating them in reality. We can’t wait to start the new series! 🙂


Author / piotr@trzask.com
Big hothead of banners, banner animations and interactions. He loves to explore it’s new usage.
Founder of Trzask. Master animator, certified RichMedia programmer, general director of production. 15 years experienced for banner realizations for big brands (Microsoft, Sony, Toyota, Visa, Ikea, Nestle and other).


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