There is probably no major brand that does not own an account on selected social media channels. And what is more, they don’t just have them, they also treat the communication which takes place there very seriously.

Since the competition is so huge, how do you stand out? Creativity is definitely the key. If we add knowledge of tools to this creativity, new possibilities will open up for us.

For inspiration, I present examples of posts on the most popular social medium – Facebook. Although the content of the post is still the most important element, it is also important to pay attention to the aesthetics. Thanks to new solutions, you can implement creative ideas using Facebook technology.
We can choose between 360-degree video format, carousel, vertical film, slide show or 3D posts.

1. 360-degree video

After watching this movie, you can either lose your mind or reach a higher level of inception.

Kubuś brand Facebook profile

2. Carousel

The carousel format is very well known especially in the e-commerce category. And there are many ways to use it.

3. Vertical film

Who hasn’t encountered problems with reducing vertical video on Facebook? Full screen functionality enlarging the image increases its attractiveness!

4. Slide show

It’s unoriginal but adding a bit of imagination makes it surprising, as in the case of Brave.

5. 3D posts

Until now, we have dealt with 3D posts which are quite complicated and labour-intensive for people who are familiar with 3D technology. The brand-new effects are 3D posts dedicated to the average user.

According to Facebook, this is one of the biggest improvement in 2018, which both marketers and end users will love.

The effect of disappearing and penetration!

Posts based on canvas, which is a very comprehensive, very attractive advertising offer.

Updates and news often appear on social platforms.
Of course, they are advertised in the trade press, therefore, it is worth following them and being up to date.
Particularly well-known brands hunt for fresh solutions and want to implement them first.


And everything to be up to date, be trendy! 🙂


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8 year experience in IT & advertising. Joanna was working for the biggest advertising agencies and cooperating with the greatest local & international brands. She feels best in relations, because, like she saying, „emotions are all we’ve got”. In Trzask! she’s responsible for client service and business development.


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