6 guys, 5 banners: Holiday Edition.

With the summer underway, the holiday season in our company is in full swing.


We are still receiving new postcards from Greece, Italy, Norway, Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Vladivostok and the Arctic station and the only people still in our headquarters are me (meaning the author of this publication – editor’s note) and Mr. Trzask. Trzask is a very sociable guy and in our absence, accompanied by his closest friends, he organized a small expert meeting on banners. Not long ago Piotrek and Paweł rated six randomly selected banners from around the world. At some point, Trzask and the friends he invited decided to do exactly the same (please don’t ask where they met each other, we prefer not to ask – editor’s note).


Choco Milk Banner!

Hey, hey, here’s NBA!

Not just a car…

I’m Focus. Ford Focus.

One bottle, two bottles…

* Pierogi is usually translated as Dumplings. But it’s just a half correct. Everybody knows that Pierogi is something more than standard dish. Pierogi have something, which dumplings doesn’t have. This thing is… SOUL.


Author / marcin@trzask.com
First contact guy. The man who tell you what to do, when you don’t know what to do.
He took first steps in marketing when he was a teenager. He started as a event specialist, finished as a banner advertisement specialist in Trzask! Studio. After hours, he likes to listen some heavy music and… talk with some people abroad to improve his language skills.


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