Standard banner ads limited to 150 kb are usually associated with effectiveness, not with amazing special effects which try to mimic video content.

But it seems that this may be coming to an end soon.

The simplest (and at the same time the cheapest) banner is a very useful tool which allows you to quickly reach any number of recipients. However, its simplicity and versatility do not go hand in hand with impressive visual ideas. This is caused by weight limitations which are so low that special effects creators usually don’t even notice them.



Which is a pity since modern tools give us possibilities to create really engaging and – more importantly – lightweight animation. So, what software do you need for this? Adobe Animate CC, which has its roots in Flash, gives you amazing possibilities and allows you to create complex, visually attractive animations. Here’s an example:



These effects are the result of a conscious combination of the possibilities offered by HTML5 with impressive and highly realistic animations created in After Effects CC. As a result, complicated effects based on the movement of small particles (such as mist or smoke) can be implemented in an add, without exceeding the low weight limit.



A standard HTML5 animation cannot visually compete with effects which look almost as realistic as a movie.



If the weight of the ad is no longer a limitation, the only remaining obstacle preventing the application of realistic special effects on a mass scale in standard ads is the advertiser’s lack of relevant knowledge and the creator’s lack of sufficient skills. Fortunately, both these issues are changing.

How does this look from your perspective?

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