Generally speaking, AdWords formats and Rich Media are two different worlds.

However, it turns out that there are ways to cope with weight restrictions for popular Google ads. Just add creativity.

 150 kB weight restrictions for AdWords should work as a challenge for your imagination, not a barrier which results in ad creations lacking creative ideas, especially with HTML5 giving us more possibilities to help introduce some surprising elements into standard creations.



What can you do?

For example, use time and prepare an ad that counts down those seconds left to the end of sales. You can also try to present content adjusted to the time of day. Another possibility is to use the lottery function and present the user with different content on every page view. This is also a great idea for generating discount codes within the creation.




But that’s not all. 150 kB can even contain interactivity and games! And that’s the place where you can really show off. Watch an ad which will react to a mouse hover and provide the possibility for the user to control the environment. Like this:



The only true limitation is your imagination and a lack of interest in experimentation. AdWords are still rarely used for creative mechanisms and therefore each new application creates an opportunity to stand out. Have a look at the following examples and see for yourself how standard ads can be turned into more unusual, eye-catching versions – e.g. riding a bike….



… or using the keyboard to navigate : )



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Founder of Trzask. Master animator, certified RichMedia programmer, general director of production. 15 years experienced for banner realizations for big brands (Microsoft, Sony, Toyota, Visa, Ikea, Nestle and other).

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