Short, non-skippable, and the sole medium still attracting millions of users – these are the reasons why bumper ads more and more often constitute vital elements of advertising campaigns.

Their popularity convinced us to share our knowledge (which we’ve gained from the very source) on how to create remarkable ads of this type.


Here are 10 tips on how to better prepare them. Let’s face facts!


1. We all know that today we are not good at focusing.

Therefore, there is no time for chatting. The very first second must attract the user’s attention. Life or death. That is why in action movie trailers the order has been reversed, showing the most important scene (usually a battle) in the first seconds, only to slow down after that – later, when we are already hooked.



2. Show the product in use!

This is especially important in the beauty industry as it increases trust for the brand.



3. Lower quality bumpers, shot with a handheld camera, which… do not look like an advertisement, are actually catchier: D



4. Draw attention with large texts.

Let them cover the entire screen. People must be able to see them on a screen smaller than a computer.



5. Rely on close-ups.

Remember, the phone is a small device. Closer … even closer! ūüôā



6. Always show the characters in advertisements up close and frontal. Frame them in the center of the ad.



7. Use vivid colors.

Have fun with them and let them carry your products.



8. Emphasize or outline words that are important for the ad’s message, oooorrr:



9. Do not be afraid to add words/subtitles to tell your story.


10. Sound in an advertisement carries a huge emotional load.

Take advantage of it!



11. Encourage interaction!



The stats are overwhelming, over 70% of watch time on YouTube is being generated by mobile devices! That’s why adjusting ads to different devices is so important.


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8 year experience in IT & advertising. Joanna was working for the biggest advertising agencies and cooperating with the greatest local & international brands. She feels best in relations, because, like she saying, ‚Äěemotions are all we’ve got”. In Trzask! she‚Äôs responsible for client service and business development.


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