Online advertising, especially in form of Adwords, requires a correct attitude towards the user. Today, static images are simply not enough – animation is the key, but not standard animation – interactive animation!


The secret is personalising the message towards the user.


Not so long ago, advertisements allowed to show only the general campaign. Now, due to cutting-edge software, advertisements adjust to the user by themselves. They are smart, since they skilfully gather user behaviours from their environment.


What’s crucial, for the advertisement to utilise this information, we don’t need complex richmedia platforms or specially designed mediaplan – using standard Adwords is enough. The advertisement will adjust by itself, without any additional setting on the platform.


Html5 offers a lot of options. The advertisement checks by itself what browser and operational system is uses, as well as what is current date and time on the device. This is standard information which can be used for personalisation. Let’s use it, then!

When we know which browser is used, we can adjust text for users of MacOS or Windows, same as when someone uses Chrome or Firefox browser.

On a simple example: we are advertising app which is available online for all systems, and in an app form on MacOS. Learning the user in question uses MacOS, we display a message saying he gets 20% discount, while Windows users see a different message, convincing them to enter the online version.


Trick with discovering data also allows to understand what device is in use – whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, iPhone, Samsung… We can even learn the system version, whether it’s a newer or an older one.


An example using date and time:
9:05 – mobile device – iPhone
Text: 50% discount on coffee, only until 10 am in Starbucks in the Old Town.
You have 55 minutes, hurry! Just show your iPhone when ordering the drink!

The same advertisement for desktop can have a completely different message, which e.g. mentions sale of a new cup series.

…or a completely out-there idea, every user of iPhone 3, due to their love of classics, will receive additional high-five with their coffee!

Who doesn’t like special treatment?
Let’s use social groups, which utilise certain devices, and give them better fit of message.

Remember, a campaign doesn’t always last a day, so using count-down to the end of free shipping is a perfect clickbait.

For example, 5 days before end of the month, the advertisement will display a message:
Don’t wait, it’s last few days of free shipping, only 5 days and 23 hours left!

Another great trick is change of discount in real time – your advertisement will always change its appearance to “sale style” on a special day, for example every Thursday. All other days, it will have its standard, less flashy appearance. Like a chameleon!


Day and night are our favourite trick.
Yes, we personalise the advertisement to the hour of display!



Imagine an advertisement of a product which tastes perfect in the morning, and of its evening version. Let’s add a background – a view over mountains, where the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. The advertisement will adjust to the time by itself, changing the landscape, position of sun, lighting, and displayed product.

For even better atmosphere, in the evening (e.g. after 10pm), there will be bats flying around, and in the morning – pelicans!

Isn’t it a refreshing, intriguing effect that will catch an eye, more so than a standard advertisement that stays the same the whole day and after a while we stop to notice it at all? Every hour, the advertisement will display itself differently.


It should be emphasised that all these options do not depend on advanced setting of Adwords, but on correct advertisement html5 software, which will perfectly adjust itself to every created situation, like a banner for special missions!


In the next article we will show you how to utilise user’s cursor, that is, detect dragging the curses over the advertisement. This is as if the user walked into our store – they showed interest, and we give them more!


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Founder of Trzask. Master animator, certified RichMedia programmer, general director of production. 15 years experienced for banner realizations for big brands (Microsoft, Sony, Toyota, Visa, Ikea, Nestle and other).


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