Imagine such a situation – you come to work on Monday and have 30 e-mail messages waiting for you. Additionally.

Many of them concern orders which – due to the client’s delay – have shifted dangerously to a moment when your production simply cannot handle them. Sounds familiar?


Trzask Studio supports the production of HTML5 advertisements in such situations. Each week we receive a few dozen e-mails in which account and project managers search for instant support at a moment when the campaign should already be there. Thanks to this we came up with a perfect production system which gives great results in a very short time. Working in the industry for more than 10 years we’ve gained a lot of (healthy!) distance to producing HTML5 banner campaigns. We’ve worked out a number of rules and procedures which must be applied in order for a campaign to be executed efficiently and on time – even when in theory there is no time left.



Working with other advertising agencies we’ve gained experience and knowledge from hundreds of account managers, creative directors, and production directors from all over the world. Working with the best people in the industry in terms of designing efficient advertisements which are accordant with even the most complex specifications but quick to be executed, simply must result in a vast amount of knowledge. We would have to be extremely contumacious for it to be different. Fortunately, we are not.


In our opinion, working in a closed advertising agency will never result in such a boost of experience or lead to hundreds of situations from which it is possible to draw key conclusions. However, if one works with the best, such as: DDB, Dentsu Network, Ogilvy, Wundermann, Saatchi, or Isobar, then it is possible to achieve a level of knowledge which translates directly into the speed of operation.


Executing hundreds of banner campaigns, communicating with people who execute them, listening to their feedback, and – what is very important – learning from own mistakes allowed us to understand the expectations of clients and meet them in terms of various production aspects.

Moreover, working on so many advertising campaigns gave us the material to create a vast base of specifications – it allows us to quickly execute advertisements without asking unnecessary questions.

We came to a point at which a number of short questions and answers allows both parties to save many valuable hours. As a result, the less experienced project coordinators can finally take a deep breath because they have a sense of support in situations which are relatively new to them. Thanks to us the difficult specifications of publishers, which you have to face, will never be a burden for you again.


Working with the Trzask Studio results in that production directors are able to execute more tasks because we do not waste time on asking about the project’s technical details. Sellers quickly receive a budget estimate and a series of key suggestions, which allow to efficiently convince the client to the execution. If there is a need we suggest a solution in the form of links to executed projects.



The developed production system, based on the SCRUM methodology, allows us to handle even the most challenging projects. And executing campaigns in terms of many different languages (even concerning a few hundred animated advertising formats) does not exceed our capabilities. But we won’t boast about our efficiency and knowledge here anymore, because we value your and our time – best to test them in practice. ASAP 😉


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Big hothead of banners, banner animations and interactions. He loves to explore it’s new usage.
Founder of Trzask. Master animator, certified RichMedia programmer, general director of production. 15 years experienced for banner realizations for big brands (Microsoft, Sony, Toyota, Visa, Ikea, Nestle and other).


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