When presenting an extraordinary product online, it is easy to come across a barrier regarding file size limits.

However, if tanks are an element of the product, no obstacles matter. The activities of the creators of World of Tanks are proof of the above.

For some time, we have been following advertisement creatives presenting a popular game involving tanks. This is a perfect example showing that you can achieve a highly-satisfying visual effect with a small ad-size (even with a 150 kB limit). It is worth noticing how the creators of such advertising approach the use of mechanisms of interaction with the recipient. For example, a simple activity such as the tank spinning makes the banner more interesting and attention-drawing.



Other banners use a mechanism that results directly from the game rules. The recipient has the possibility of aiming and shooting at another tank. Hence, the recipient obtains a visual sample of the game and wishes to play the full version.



Other creatives take it a step further. There is the possibility to aim at a tank that is covered by a passing train, artillery shooting or attacking a ship (in the twin-game named “World of Warship”).



This type of interaction looks and function as fragments of an authentic game!



Each time, the interaction is simple because all that needs to be done is to move the cursor and click a mouse button. Nevertheless, the whole creative looks great and makes a really good impression, especially if you consider that each of the ads is fitted into a 150 kB file.

The above examples show us that it’s worth focusing on interaction that, combined with simple animations, can provide a surprising outcome. You can achieve this with Rich Media advertisements as well as in simple AdWords creatives. Ads created in HTML5 provide you with so many possibilities that the only limit is creativity.

Unless, of course, you have tanks at your disposal… then there are no limits!


Author / piotr@trzask.com
Big hothead of banners, banner animations and interactions. He loves to explore it’s new usage.
Founder of Trzask. Master animator, certified RichMedia programmer, general director of production. 15 years experienced for banner realizations for big brands (Microsoft, Sony, Toyota, Visa, Ikea, Nestle and other).

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  1. […] In our opinion, the individual creatives comprising the campaign were characterized by solid execution and skillfully encouraged viewers to take action, in this case – buy the game. However, we should point out a lack of formats creating a WOW effect, similar to those promoting the game “World of Tanks”. […]

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