There is no denying that we love this topic!

The combination of animation, especially an interactive one, with video effects supported by interaction with the user is a lot of fun to produce.



Yes! It is the moment when you can create any kind of interaction with the user when you touch the brief and suddenly you feel an explosion of ideas that perfectly fit into the concept of the product. This is it!

What are these types of ads? Something that will make you feel the fun of using the game, application or online service. We can put a lot of elements inside, from basic gameplay where we run around as a dinosaur and collect apples, to a dynamic racing game that plays like Need For Speed!


Gaming ads use all kinds of interactions:


You could write an encyclopedia about it, there’s so much to choose from.


Of course, an ad can’t have everything—that’s what the game/application is for, which is why we focus on short interactions that will allow people to get to know the product.


Simply, let people try before buying!


Let’s use a famous adventure game for PlayStationUncharted—as an example. We don’t focus on showing the full gameplay in the ad, but only show the selected episode which lets us participate in the story.



Let’s give people a chance to get a feel for the game, in addition, let’s do it on the home page of a website! Let’s put in the video effects of explosions that will strengthen the reception. Let’s also add an interaction button just like on the console, let’s have fun with it!



And the effect is great, in this advertisement we get strongly engaged by the short films that lead us through the story, clicking multiple times causes the user to interact with the situation on the screen. You create a more memorable form of communication. You also give extraordinary enjoyment to the user, who can extend it only by purchasing the game.



The creators of the Uncharted ad could also have chosen an effect of throwing a stone at a special lever, or chopping vines with an axe in the jungle, and finally steering a car with the gyroscope—move the phone to move the wheel of a car trying to escape!



The above examples are just a small percentage of the possibilities offered by gaming banners. Game developers know this perfectly because the advertising market provides us with more and more solutions. If there are any restrictions in creating ads, they exist only in the minds of the creators. Sky is the limit!


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