Is it possible to collect all the advantages of online advertising and outdoor media and combine them into one efficient, measurable and very effective marketing communication tool?

Absolutely yes – that is exactly what is being said about DOOH advertising (Digital-Out-Of-Home)


When Internet communication channels get clogged with content streams, and some Internet users use AdBlock type plug-ins, it’s worth taking an interest in new areas that are conquering digital advertising. The OOH sphere allows for precise targeting and formulating of contextual messages referring to a given location. Placing digital creations in this space gives you the opportunity to create interactive, responsive forms such as those that respond to current weather conditions, changes in the environment, and even specific people.


Advertising that detects cars:



Pedestrian crossing light warning against accidents:



The current DOOH solution offers much more than a regular video screen; it can be equipped with a Wi-Fi router, beacons, and other wireless communication tools. Due to this, the possibility of interaction between the advertisement and smartphones or wearables is easily achievable. This creates opportunities that the designers of traditional posters and digital advertising couldn’t even dream about. DOOH already allows for precise selecting of the target individual, presenting him or her with intriguing content and obtaining data that will be used in the future for remarketing activities.


Virtual donation:



Billboard on which you can play:




What’s more, modern media is also an opportunity to analyze the process of advertising reception. Face- and eye-tracking allow you to investigate exactly how the content is consumed. And if the results are unsatisfactory, the ad can be modified or replaced at any time. In traditional outdoor scenarios, this would involve complicated logistics and, above all, lost time (although no one would even know that the billboard wasn’t working, so changes wouldn’t even be ordered smile emoticon).



We spend up to several hours a day outside the home and workplace. This is time that should be of interest to any creator of digital content; the more interesting and creative the message is, the greater the chance of catching the attention of passers-by. The following examples show exactly how this works:


Calculation of travel time in real time:



Kiosk for traveling:



Air purifying bus stop:



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