After publishing an ad creation, you can monitor its CTR and a series of other parameters.

However, it is only after comparing it to ad results in a certain market that you will know the true effectiveness of your ad.

There are many methods for measuring ad effectiveness and many indicators which the publishers and analysts use. Relevant knowledge is also available in specialist reports. However, many people from the industry seem to lack a simple tool to check the global trends in the online market area, compare their ad results with market averages or find out about the nature of foreign markets.

Rich Media Gallery, an intuitive Google tool filled with valuable and up-to-date data, answers this question by, for example, allowing you to check in which part of the world ads have the highest CTR rates, where are users spending most time on an ad, and which nations watch the video ads to the very end.

The results are quite surprising:

Table for period 04.2016 – 04.2017

The conclusion? a campaign’s success is relative (and in Argentina, nobody is patient enough to watch video ads in their entirety). 0.18 CTR is a great result in the USA while in Portugal, it’s a sign of defeat. The latter is an intriguing example, since its citizens spend the least amount of time on ads… and click the ads the most. What could this mean? We have no idea, but it’s definitely worth taking into consideration before planning and evaluating Portuguese campaigns.

One of the most important pieces of information is the global interaction time, which has grown by almost 200% over the last 7 years!
That’s great news for ad creators and a great forecast for the future.


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