Are you familiar with such a topic as “New Year’s resolutions”? I bet you do! The digital industry also has its own resolutions, which are more commonly called “trends”.

All so that the digital world can constantly develop and improve. The situation at the beginning of the new decade looks at least interesting. Also in terms of banner advertising, which is especially interesting for us!



That which until recently constituted the essence of fantasies and scripts of Sci-Fi movies is something common now and even surpassed all imaginations. Artificial Intelligence, in short AI, no longer stands only for intelligent robots or devices. AI has entered the world of advertising with a bang and there are many indications that 2020 will be the year of smart advertising.

Artificial Intelligence is the biggest opportunity for the world of advertising faced by enterprises, companies, and nations for at least several decades.

– as declared by members of Techgrabyte, one of the giants of the marketing industry. How does it look like in practice? Experts point out clearly: chatbots and machine learning. And even though “machine learning” seems to be a concept closer to search tools, it also has a significant impact on the world of banners, especially dynamic ones. Thanks to “learning”, banners offer new possibilities of creating an extremely diverse and precise campaign. Whereas, chatbots can soon make advertising even more direct. Of course, chatbots currently exist and work, but usually in the form of a chat on a company’s website or social media pages. However, this year they may also step into the banner sphere, because there is more and more talk about the practical use of potential consumer chats with an intelligent sales robot within a banner. Of course such a possibility will shorten all sales procedures to the absolute minimum – a user could learn many useful things from “live” and “smart” advertising, without the need to click forever. Ridley Scott wouldn’t come up with a better idea!


NO to badly targeted ads!

What is the most irritating about ads? The fact that they do not fit our preferences. A light in the tunnel was noticed by Kevin George from Email Monks, who, based on personalized email ads, achieved an unbelievable click conversion of 25% (!). The same goes for banner advertising. Here the dynamic banner option comes in handy, which allows personalizing the displayed campaign in a very detailed way. User location, the current weather situation, or the sought product option are already standard, while dynamic banners provide more and more unique solutions with each year and month. Advertising can be extremely precise and most importantly, perfectly suited to its recipient.


The world can’t exist without influencers?

Yes. Currently, it’s hard to imagine life without such people. An influencer has turned a hobby into a profession, and now also simply a sought-after advertising medium. It’s a trend that has been going on for several years, but now… micro-influencers enter the game! So? A micro-influencer is someone who may not be popular among millions of people, but has a very strong influence on a specific, specialized group. This, of course, is connected with the topic of detailed advertising personalization – such a micro-influencer reaches a specific group of recipients, because he or she moves in a very narrow, specialized field. The advantage is that there are really many micro-influencers, just like there are many areas in which they are pioneers. Significantly, recent statistics released by AdWeek prove that advertising using micro-influencers can be much more effective than that using big and well-known influencers.



The alternative reality of social media

The subject of social media is inseparably connected with influencers. There are no news or surprises regarding this topic – social media constitute the power in the world of advertising and in 2020 it will not change with websites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat continuing to grow in strength. Ok, from time to time there is information that social media is losing popularity and many people go for a so-called detox, cutting off from these virtual time wasters, or simply delete their accounts. Nevertheless, the number of people using these portals as a basic tool for communicating with the world or being “up to date” is still huge, which obviously opens the door to new ideas for advertisers and advertising agencies. In 2019, the big new thing were ads using the “stories” module, meaning short, timely ads that appeared initially as sponsored content between the posts of our friends and followed people, and later also using the potential of influencers. Stories is still a very fashionable topic and as announced, this module will also lead in 2020.


No single word about Google?

It is significant that all relevant trends concerning digital advertising do not have their source at Google. Although Google quite openly announced an advertising revolution in the second half of 2019, it seems to have been verified quite well and not everything worked out as it should (we wrote about it HERE). Despite this, Google has its secret weapon, which according to experts will allow them to add their pebble to the garden. It’s the so-called Shoppable ads, which is a pictorial advertising form accompanying a classic search using the Google search engine. Shoppable ads allow to “suggest” multi-variant solutions or many products in one place to the user. The answer to such a trick can also consist in the already mentioned dynamic banner, which allows to present many products in one campaign, depending on the location or preferences of a given user. The possibilities of programming such a banner are vast!


Let’s play!

Speaking of the great possibilities of a banner, it is worth noticing the possibility of implementing a 3D environment and mini-gameplay. These are html5 technologies that theoretically already exist but are still not very popular. The year 2020 can change this, because for some time there has been a growing interest in these solutions, especially when it comes to the gaming industry.

Gamers, both on platforms such as Play Station or Xbox as well as on mobile devices, appreciate the opportunity to get acquainted with a piece of the gameplay environment, which can be more and more faithfully reproduced in a light html5 banner. It seems that it is only a matter of time when the trend from the players’ environment will transfer into other areas, because the solutions and ideas are plentiful.


The above examples generally prove one thing: the world of digital marketing is constantly rushing forward and the market giants are outdoing each other in terms of ideas on how to improve advertising products.


The year 2020 promises to be very interesting, especially since many of the described topics have already been successfully implemented. It should be remembered that this is probably not the end of new products and technological innovations that will change the world of advertising for the better!


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