We have a confession to make: we’ve always been into car animation in banner ads. Keeping track with the best ads in the automotive industry, we stumbled upon animation gems that really grabbed our hearts.


The Mini brand really stands out a lot! Crazy ideas, plenty of humor, rich media, and the best animation of car movement – just wow!

Take it as a shot of automotive energy. Let’s go!


It probably went down like this…


Creative: Hey man, it’s fun to be driving a great car, right? it makes you smile, right? and you’re just crying tears of joy when you’re stepping on that gas pedal… well, yeah I guess! that’s a good idea, yeah, I got it! let’s make a banner that can make you sad, but then, like, makes you happy!

Production: What?? Yeah!


(Cannes 2008 Gold Winner)


C: Haha! so recently I saw something funny: a guy was pulling a car behind him, and the rope snapped, I’m telling you, it was hilarious, and then the car fell into a ditch…

P: hey… what a great concept for a banner, damn… Only, make the banner drag behind the car!


A few days later…



C: Hey, look.. it would be awesome if you could tune these cars in an online ad, so that, you know – you scroll to make it look more expressive! Could you do that?

P: It’s done. I added shaky cam, cool huh?



C: … or you know what, let’s look at this from another angle. Make this work: a hairy Sasquatch, an old-timey diver and… a pirate ship – make me a banner, preferably in 150kb!

P: hehehehehe 🙂



C: you know what, in the brief the client said to show many options, as in, how many things the Mini can do, how much it has, but it’s still Mini, y’know? know what I mean?…. Dude, I’ve got an idea! Let’s go with a million options, and make the banner fall apart, and dig right to the Earth’s core…

P: Done and done!



A lot could be said about creative ideas… but to come back to earth – what captivated us the most about this brand was the superior feeling of the animation speed and physics of the car.

See it in slow motion…



To wrap things up, let this emphasize the humorous creativity about the world.

Brilliant take on perspective, it’s a real shame the brand
has given up on animation like this.


(Cannes 2008 Gold Winner)


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