We love inspirations! We often watch campaigns from the past and find many really good cases that are in line with modern standards despite being created several years ago.

By immersing in the world of retro commercials, we broaden our horizons and draw inspiration to create something equally good.
We are launching a series of posts about the return to the past – actually to projects that used to inspire us and made a change in the advertisement world, but also for the ad which can exist in the future as well.

In this post, we are summing up the activities of Apple, which used to needle Microsoft. In our opinion, Apple’s ads boasted a powerful content and set new trends in designing interaction with the user.
Based on solutions that were innovative for those times, banners became the battlefield (actually, the weapon of Apple’s unilateral attack). Referring to the form of the advertisement itself may be a good example:



I must say that this creation is still great even though it is a couple of years old, and it is fun to watch. Not only out of sentiment! It features a kind of authenticity and simple humour. Although its technical features are no longer suited to today’s reality, the scenario by all means is.

This is also true in case of the creation that comprises two banners, one of which imitates a news ticker. The news displayed on the ticker is linked with the activities taking place on the second banner. I remember that these kinds of interactions were massively used at a certain time. Over time, we have grown tired of them, so they are not used that often nowadays. That is a pity since the result is truly interesting:



Such solutions were used in this series of ads readily and frequently. Apple searched for formats that would highlight its technological supremacy and was keen to experiment. Each new advertisement solution substantiated the main message of their campaign: Apple is the new, cutting-edge hardware and software. Windows Vista, the operating system by Microsoft, was given especially bad press (which does not surprise me at all):



Can the Apple commercials presented above be an inspiration for us today? I believe they can. They teach us a simple lesson: seek for new (at a given time) solutions, go for simplicity and don’t do anything until you have a really good idea. In my view, we should keep this advice in mind every day.


Author / piotr@trzask.com
Big hothead of banners, banner animations and interactions. He loves to explore it’s new usage.
Founder of Trzask. Master animator, certified RichMedia programmer, general director of production. 15 years experienced for banner realizations for big brands (Microsoft, Sony, Toyota, Visa, Ikea, Nestle and other).


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