DMEXCO is one of the largest events related to the advertising industry in the world, occupying the huge area of the “Koelnmesse” conference complex in Cologne. The conference is not only a great opportunity to meet face to face, but above all to keep up to date with current trends, which in marketing are characterized by incredible dynamics. We were there too! 

The first memorable thing is the enormous area at DMExco’s disposal — 5 exhibition halls — each the size of a solid sports hall, 15 conference rooms and countless number of connecting locations where gastronomic points are usually located. It is impossible to embrace all this alone.

As for the main subject, social media and their role in modern advertising communication were the leaders among the speakers. Many speeches were about the expanded capabilities of tools such as Instagram or Snapchat and the fact that solutions initially dedicated for private use quickly found their application for commercial products. A simple example were Toyota advertising campaigns that from their natural environment moved to social media and began to live in the form of Instastories or popular “snaps” — naturally using the full range of possibilities and add-ons offered by given applications. It was also emphasized many times that the fact of using the available functionalities of these applications allows the given brand to gain the sympathy of recipients who, after all, use exactly the same tools, but for private purposes.

A lot of space was also devoted to video creation with an emphasis on YouTube as the strongest and most dynamically developing medium from video. Most of the proposals made in this context, however, duplicated the assumptions of the Google conference about which we wrote not so long ago. To sum up: the so-called “Bumper ads” and short and direct messages are still popular.


Watch inspirational speech – Ashley Yuki (Product Management Director Instagram)


Among the alarming number of exhibition stands, the most of them were companies that offer services for the automation of online advertising processes and also “arm” advertising with tools that become more and more necessary to test their effectiveness. It is difficult to avoid the impression that the market is currently oversaturated with such services – every second person at the booth touted their product in a very similar way, using almost identical arguments. Time will show whether this is the right direction for the development of digital advertising and whether you can talk about development in this case at all.

The “Future Park” stood in opposition to these themes, which is a separate hall that only brought together innovative and “futuristic” advertising concepts. Solutions like DOOH 3D or interactive 3D models that work with the camera on a smartphone are the perfect examples.


Watch inspirational speech – Jeff Miller (Global Head of Creative Strategy Snap)


As expected, the most crowded stands at DMExco were Google, Facebook, YouTube, Adobe and … Pornhub. The latter has recently been a peculiar phenomenon in the advertising industry, which could also be felt during the German trade fair. Interest in the booth of a company dealing with advertising on one of the largest porn portals was probably surprising even for the exhibitors themselves — the shirts with the logo of the portal were sold within the first 4 hours of the event.


Summing up the visit of Trzask at DMExco 2019, it was definitely an inspiring trip that allowed us to look a little bit differently at the industry in which we have been operating for 12 years. It was also a great opportunity to make new friendships and meet people with whom we have been working for a long time. Visiting the picturesque Cologne in the evening was only a tasty addition to the already exciting visit to Westphalia. One thing after this trip is certain: we will see you next year!


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