Alternative currencies have become so popular, that even ads are mining them right now!

Better check if the scripts in your ad are using the computing power of your PC or smartphone.

If your PC cooling systems goes bonkers after entering a seemingly simple website, you should be suspicious. It’s the same story with smartphones – beware of your battery level dropping faster than the bitcoin exchange rate. It is possible that you are mining cryptocurrencies without even knowing (or making any profit!).

How is it possible? Whenever you open a website in your browser, the owner of which wants to employ you to mine digital currencies (whether you are aware of it or not), a special JavaScript code is executed.

It uses the computing power of your device to mine a certain cryptocurrency.

This mechanism may be used by publishers who are not satisfied with the income from their ads or want to get rid of them. For instance, the PirateBay website openly admitted that they were using a Monero currency mining script in order to see whether they could finance their operations this way after dropping advertising. They have also been very generous and promised to only use 20-30% of the user’s processor. However, there are situations where the website’s owner is not aware of the fact at all and the mining scripts are located on external servers, from which the ads are loaded.

The result is always the same – somebody is making money while you have to use a slower pc or a smartphone with a rapidly depleting battery. Also, cryptocurrency mining devours electricity which means higher bills! Therefore, you need to be cautious, observe and avoid any suspicious websites which consume your computing power.

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  1. @Marcin Puszka, any advice on how to protect a computer/smartphone from this JavaScript code?

    1. Piotr, actually there is no existing and tested for 100% protection which can defend your computer/mobile from this code. Only certain way is to unable JavaScript in your device, but of course it will cause the wrong work of web pages which using JavaScipt entirely.
      Otherwise, in Internet you can find some rumours that Google will started to block an advertisement promoting crypto-currencies and ICO, so it’s look like the problem will be solved in nearest future.

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