Order is the base! In files, in communication with the client, in terms of the work of the creative department, and even… in the company fridge! – in short, that’s the motto followed when working in the studio. Its role can be compared to a police officer directing traffic at an intersection – everything is done at its sign and only with its consent.

It makes the key decisions related to the preparation and launching of currently prepared campaigns. Verifies, orders, and organizes. This time the questions were directed at our Traffic Manager – Weronika!


The advertising and IT industry, especially related more or less indirectly with the internet, after all seems to be the domain of men. So where does Weronica fit in this soulless, male digital world?


I’ve always been attracted to it – just like that. I studied computer science, and while studying as part of the work, first undergraduate and then graduate, I explored the secrets of Flash. Already during my studies I started working with e-learning in Flash, I worked in three companies that dealt with it. It was a typical path of a young person after graduation – I worked in companies related to my field of education. But then I decided that I would like to have something more to do with graphic creation and that’s how I ended up in Trzask. At first I animated a bit, then I started to contact clients, and finally handled entire projects. It resulted from the current need in the company, because Trzask was developing, and Piotr (Bielecki, studio head – editor’s note) had more and more responsibilities and needed a second pair of hands. It’s funny, but I never thought that I would ever manage projects and contact clients – it just happened, somehow natural. After many years, I can say that I fit well in it.


What’s so exciting about moving banners?


That they include much more than any static graphics. Maybe my mind’s a bit childish, but I love it when characters, especially cartoons come to life – it creates so many different possibilities! Of course for some customers banners must be more serious, minimalistic, despite this, animation will always be a more interesting form of advertising.



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Your function in the company is one of the most responsible: after your approval, the work goes to the customer. Do you feel pressure due to such great responsibility?


There is some pressure, but I certainly don’t work with a knife on my throat. I am aware that I am not alone, because the files that ultimately go to the client are verified by 2-3 other people as well – depending on the project. Rarely, but sometimes someone overlooks something, but well, it happens. Nevertheless, mistakes are motivating in their own way, because then you watch out even more and pay attention to even greater details. A positive three-phase checking machine is activated, as I call it, which controls the work we give out to the client even more.


Your position requires that you organize your work very well, because there are a lot of responsibilities. How are you dealing with this? Do you have any proven methods that you use to improve your own actions?


In general, these are simply years of practice, our internal systems and a number of procedures that are constantly being improved, which greatly affects the efficient performance of our duties. I have a strict and quite pedantic mind. It seems to me that these two features go hand in hand, thanks to which for me everything is easier to organize and put together. This is also due to Piotr, who gave me many valuable comments and tips, taught me how to manage processes and prioritize tasks. All this means that I can organize my work so as to avoid chaos and minimize the risk of any shortcomings.



Time for one of my favorite questions: do you remember your biggest challenge so far in terms of working at Trzask?


Yes! We had a huge campaign for a large brand from the telecommunications industry. 3 creative lines in 24 (!) Countries, I won’t even say how many formats! A huge amount of work, a lot of space to show off when it comes to managing people and files. But, that’s no challenge for us! The basis consists in good organization. The client was great, we had a good file sharing system. Everyone in the company knew what to do, so it went smoothly. Well, maybe one man from Korea changed the strategy on one of the lines, but we’ve managed to get a hold of it! 🙂


And is there such an order that you particularly remember and have positive feelings about?


By far the coolest projects are those that arouse some kind of sympathy in you. For example, one of the recent projects – “Przetworki”, was very captivating. We worked on animations of small, sweet, jumping fruits – the message of the advertisement was very positive and warm, which also affected the atmosphere at work. It was hard not to smile. Every time the creature was waving at me, I wanted to wave back 🙂 It was a very grateful topic that just brought smiles to our faces 🙂




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What do you think is Trzask’s greatest strength?


Peeeeoooopleeeee!!! People are the key to success. A great, well-coordinated team is something that makes you want to not only work with the people, but also go out somewhere after hours. People create the atmosphere, and if there is no bad energy in the group, then work goes forward and you just want to do it. This is a very important aspect in Trzask.




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Trzask has customers scattered around many places on the world map. Where would you like to go with Trzask?


The countries that have always inspired me are Norway and Iceland, so it would be great to be able to make banners with those beautiful fjords, volcanoes, glaciers, and the northern lights! So no doubt, Iceland or Norway. For example, an advertisement for face pilling with dust from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano – that would be something! 😀


Author / marcin@trzask.com
First contact guy. The man who tell you what to do, when you don’t know what to do.
He took first steps in marketing when he was a teenager. He started as a event specialist, finished as a banner advertisement specialist in Trzask! Studio. After hours, he likes to listen some heavy music and… talk with some people abroad to improve his language skills.


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