Let’s talk about Richmedia World

Many rich media for all, lot of tips and tricks for marketers, a lot of inspirations for creative ones! Be up to date in the world of banner ads!

“The world of banner ads is so amazing. I was always intrigued of big animation closed in such a little form. The way of interaction with user, the selection of solutions which actual tools can give. Merging it creates extraordinary machine which, for just a little while, can shine bright on the Internet and lights up it’s every corner. What is most important, appropriate preparation of it supports even most unusual campaigns. Number of clicks is always important. Let’s talk about it.”

Piotr Bielecki – Owner Trzask Studio



Something About Trzask

It’s a production house, which operating because the passion of creating extraordinary things.

Since more than 10 years Trzask! producing advertisings for very devices and specifications. Cooperating with the biggest and greatest advertising agencies, delivering them world class materials. Studio projects became famous because of ideal merging from movie effects developed in After Effects with Rich Media banner ads. Till this day, Trzask working for top world brands like Microsoft, Sony, Toyota, Visa, Ikea or Nestle – as a fastest outsource partner for banner campaigns.