At the end of the year, advertisement aficionados always rub their hands, and it’s by no means due to the cold weather.

After all, it is the time when Holiday versions of advertising spots and banners are being presented! We’ve selected a few inspiring examples of creations which include the Holidays, snow, or a certain jolly fellow dressed in red. Enjoy!


Let’s start with the spectacularly executed EDEKA spot, which won two awards in Cannes. In it, we travel 100 years forward in time and see how the Holidays are celebrated in the future. We’ll give you a hint, it doesn’t look good, even though the advertisement itself looks stunning. In this case we can actually talk about film quality, with the four-minute long production being touching and forcing us to reflect. It was made a year ago, but its message is so universal that we will surely reach out for it every year.



Holiday time also constitutes a period for supporting the sales of products and ingredients associated specifically with the Holidays. An example may be cream. In this piece, it plays a role during a Holiday dinner. The advertisement encourages taking part in a competition for a Holiday menu, and includes photos taken by its participants. The solid execution and Holiday atmosphere result in something that we have nothing at all to complain about ☺



A completely different atmosphere is present in an advertisement by Play – a Polish mobile network operator. Santa plays the main role, presenting customized wishes to the user looking at the advertisement (currently this functionality is no longer available, but when the advertisement was broadcast it worked great!). What did it look like? Like this:



And do you know what’s the easiest way to invite a user into the world of Holidays? It’s easy – just use an expand form and skillfully encourage users to click.

In the case of the creation linked below, the lure consists of a Holiday adventure, while after the zoom we see a bunch of visual materials concerning the advertised service. Simple and efficient!



Finally, we’ll share a game with you which consists of clicking on Christmas tree ornaments. You have to admit, it sounds much better than clicking on offers right? And that’s what it actually is. See for yourselves.



This work shows us that the Holidays constitute a perfect opportunity to “disguise” a standard message with the use of a more climatic outfit. Christmas is a holiday full of symbols which are attractive, commonly understood, and evoke sympathy so, it is worth taking advantage of them in advertisements.


We ourselves cannot wait for the productions which are going to appear on the Internet this year. Who knows, perhaps we’ll list the most interesting ones and prepare a post-Holiday ranking. In the meantime, we still have some more Christmas tree twigs which need masking… 😉


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8 year experience in IT & advertising. Joanna was working for the biggest advertising agencies and cooperating with the greatest local & international brands. She feels best in relations, because, like she saying, „emotions are all we’ve got”. In Trzask! she’s responsible for client service and business development.



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