It’s no secret that banners are what we love the most in Trzask.

We love to design, animate, watch, admire, criticize and argue about them. And it’s basically not just about our banners.

A lot of those conversations are extremely interesting and often inspiring. So we decided to show you how it looks in practice. Our Head of Animation, Piotr, and Ninja Animator Paweł agreed to take a look at 6 banners, meticulously chosen for them by our team, and share their thoughts about them. We arranged a special room for them, made some tea, turned on the projector and… BEWARE! The discussion was sometimes really heated!


Banner Sky

Paweł: Well, all of that looks nice.

Piotr: I like this clip! I think the texts in the first format are a little too small – the space is poorly distributed. What I like is the combination of live action and animation, the fragment with catching the ball is very well-chosen. On the other hand, it seems to me that the dog’s paw should be on the left side with the texts on the other side, then the whole layout would make more sense. But this horizontal banner in which dogs slide on their bottoms is great! Everything is in the right place, it is much better thought-out.

Paweł: Yes, definitely, it’s much better here.

Piotr: All this is based on a film, at least I think so, I don’t know because I have no way to look inside this work. But it looks like it’s made on the basis of a film.



Paweł: Definitely a big plus for the fact that very good parts of the film are chosen that fit well with the ad. It’s also not an easy thing to achieve.

Piotr: However, let’s be clear here that this is not rocket science at all.

Paweł:      / Piotr:     


Banner Yamaha

Paweł: I feel retro vibes here. And I see Japan!

Piotr: It reminds me a bit of a certain video game for Pegasus *

Paweł: At first glance, the logo is very hidden, I noticed it only in the end.

Piotr: That’s right, I also noticed only in the end that these are Yamaha’s advertisements. The other elements next to the logo make it very hard to see. Generally, you do not feel the speed of this motorcycle, you could make a much more dynamic entry here. And those lines distract you very much from the rest.

Paweł: I would start here by animating the wheels. The discs are motionless, the wheels are spinning, the lines are flying, I would make Mount Fuji move away, so that it would get smaller and smaller, farther and farther away. And i would make the Japanese sun rise higher and higher, for sure it would add more dynamics to this advertisement.

Piotr: Yes, definitely. Now it looks a lot like the preloader screen on Commodore 64. Those elements you mentioned would add depth to the ad. The motorcycle could emerge from behind the horizon, I mean that with the lines approaching us, the motorcycle would appear going right towards us, and the mountain and the sun could appear behind the motorcycle.

Paweł: In general, the great potential of this ad was rather wasted.

Piotr: Yeah, I don’t like it either.

Paweł:        / Piotr:     

* Pegasus was an 8-bit video game console produced in Poland, extremely popular in our country in the 90’s. Pegasus was a clone of the Japanese Famicom console made by Nintendo, launched with big success in the 80’s.


Banner Aer Lingus

Paweł: Woooow, that’s some crazy stuff!

Piotr: I wonder what the author meant when creating something like that?

Paweł: I would put this boy higher.

Piotr: But you have to admit that he attracts attention. It’s a simple idea, but quite engaging. Too bad the boy doesn’t appear afterwards, I miss him a bit in the next parts of the ad. I know that the focus should be on the message, but on the other hand this boy is so expressive that he could still appear again.

Paweł: A great idea to have the sun come from the top and then turn into an information board.

Piotr: Yes, I agree. It was solved in a very clever way. I like it!

Paweł: For me, it’s so-so, although the advertisement is OK after all.

Piotr: Yes, it’s very simple, even minimalist in terms of animation, but also quite impressive and seems to achieve its purpose.

Paweł:       / Piotr:     


Banner Tomorrowland

Piotr: It looks good! We are in a kind of a dark world, highlights and light effects are important here. There could be more effects, more flickering in the background, some random illumination, maybe some vibrations? When this skull appears, I would start with the appearance of these eyes, only later showing the whole. Later, as the skull has appeared, some spots of light could pass through it, just like on the text.

Paweł: Interestingly, all these banners barely show anything. I mean that there are 3-4 scenes at most. I would provide more views, it would give some more opportunities.

Piotr: I think that’s what it is meant to be – a short ad, to the point. But I agree that because it is such a “short,” the beer disappears somewhere, and it seems to be quite an important element of the whole ad.

Paweł: Generally, this animation is pretty cool, really OK for me. Due to the fact that there are dark elements, it could fit in some 120 kb, no more. You could use a few tricks such as a mirror image that significantly slims down the ad. Yes, you could definitely play with it.

Paweł:      / Piotr:     


Banner Alien

Paweł: And what? Is it all?

Piotr: No kidding! Seriously?

Paweł: Okay, the climate is so dark, intriguing.

Piotr: Shit, such an idea for an ad! A topic where you could do so much! We could crop the background by 5px on each side, make the screen all black, and maybe leave only the outline of the Alien’s skull visible. Then it would slowly reveal itself, in the same way as now, only 100% longer. Then those free sides of the ad could tremble or wave, introducing a sinister and disturbing atmosphere. The Alien’s face should come a little closer to us, it would begin to slowly overwhelm us. At the moment when it would be really close, there should be such a jump as in horror movies – that would create an atmosphere! And then suddenly a white screen, as if there was some error, and only then the text. Generally, the ad is great, but I miss some of the evilness that characterized the film series. Generally, I would consider an ending in which the Alien finally goes towards us, and the advertisement, I don’t know, falls apart into two pieces for example.

Paweł: And I would gladly reformat it. Huge potential of the character, a lot of room for manoeuvre. Generally, I agree with what you said. If there was some dark music, maybe it would make sense in the present form. But now it’s a little too static.

Piotr: I mean, don’t get me wrong – I really like this advertisement on the whole. The animation and techniques they used – great! But I would do it quite differently 🙂

Paweł:       / Piotr:     


Banner Audi

Piotr: I’m impressed with this ad, really. Someone tried very hard to reproduce the aesthetics of these rims so that they would look and behave hyper-realistically. These reflections go through these rims wonderfully, you can see that some special 3D library is used here, it looks great. I’m not sure if these rims should turn so much at the later stage, it seems to me a bit exaggerated.

Paweł: Yeah, they spin far too fast when you move them left or right. It looks a bit cheesy, they could’ve done it better. But yes, everything is done quite carefully, discs, brake pads – everything is in place, I like such attention to detail. The effect of the installation of the rim on the wheel is also amazing.

Piotr: Once I saw a great Nike ad that had a similar 3D effect, but with the illumination of a shoe. That ad also allowed you to x-ray each element of the shoe, and these reflections only added realism to the animation. It’s the same thing here, but with the wheel and the car, well done. Details at a very high level, intricate work. Excellent.

Piotr:          / Paweł:         


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