We love expandable formats because … they always contain surprises! You can hide video or other content in them, but by far the most interesting are realizations in which the idea is the key.

We’ve selected 10 examples of ads that amazed us. We hope you like them too.


But let’s start with a reminder of what the mechanism present in expandable ads actually is. These are creations that increase their surface either automatically or after an action is made by the user. It can either be hovering over a banner or clicking on a specifically marked place. The creation expands and on the bonus surface you can put … almost anything and everything! So, let’s see how it looks in practice.


1. Configuration of a dream car

All you have to do is move the cursor over the creation and wait for a few seconds for it to be extended by a convenient car configurator. You can choose paint, roof, rims, and more, all in just a few seconds.



2. Triple video

How to fit three video screens in a vertical advertising form? Oh yes!



3. Fashion needs space

Proof that the simple revelation of a cropped picture can be elegant and quite effective.



4. Choosing a holiday destination

A clever, successive enlarging of the creation space can be used in situations when we guide the user through the election path. That’s what British Airways did.



5. IKEA knows how it’s done

Hmm, what if there was something like a catalog with IKEA products in the banner?



6. How to get dressed on an ad

Undressing is very popular in ads, but it turns out that getting dressed can also be interesting (and informative, because at the same time you learn how to tie a tie).



7. Trying on glasses on Skype

When users are on Skype, they usually look great because of course one has to prepare for the conversation ☺ You can use this to your advantage and show them a creation in which they can try on glasses!



8. Multimedia articles in a banner

Display ads do not always contain just a photo, a video or a slogan and call to action. In this example, they managed to fit a large amount of knowledge into the banner as well.



9. A throw of dice

There is no better way to advertise a game in Monopoly than to put a fragment of it in an ad. In this case, it is the roll of a dice.



10. City break in a banner? Sure!

You can fit a lot in expandable ads, but even we did not expect that you can fit … an entire city break! SAS airlines managed to do just that!



As you can see in the above-presented examples, expandable formats are used to intrigue and transmit more content. We’ve tried to familiarize you with this type of advertising and show different examples of its use. We really hope that if you ever want to create an advertisement you will consider one that can store more.


Author / weronika@trzask.com
As a production & traffic manager in Trzask Studio, she finds every little bug and seek lapses in every corner.
She have all the specifications in one finger, any mediaplan will be cracked-out by her within 5 minutes.
After hours she’s crazy about… hedgehogs! And Iceland & Norway too.


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