Industry experts have been announcing the coming of the “mobile year” for several years now.

In our opinion, the mobile decade is happening right now, because in this area there are more and more interesting creations. We chose 10 particularly inspiring examples for you – you’ve absolutely got to see them!


1. Google Street View

We don’t understand a single word in this Finnish production :D, but we like the idea of using Google
Street View in a mobile ad.

2. Having fun searching

Interesting use of an ad element, which is a cross
used to close it.




3. Parking on a tablet

Using a tablet requires the use of two hands but as it turns out, to park a car they are not needed. See how these two facts were used in this ad. We are always happy to come back to this one because we really appreciate the idea and execution.



4. Ferry on a tablet

Can watching a ferry on a tablet be exciting? Yes, but only on the condition that it will appear in an interactive ad like this one.



5. Winter is coming!

This snow looks best on a smartphone with white
frames, but the whole ad looks nice on every
piece of equipment.

It’s simple and elegant – we like it!

6. Quiz

We often use smartphones to kill time.
What if the alternative was a quiz about our future?

This kind of quiz can be seen in this ad and you might have to take our word for it because it’s in Polish!



7. Or maybe something with a map?

We give a plus for using Google Maps!

8. A dinosaur is coming!

The use of geolocation for locating dinosaurs? We like this idea a lot! ☺




9. Shake it!

We like ads that react to shaking your smartphone ☺

10. Shake it again!

Okay, we love this shaking ☺ This time in a completely different context.




The presented creations are our original choices which consist of intriguing, technologically interesting ideas or simply elegant and optimally prepared ads. We wanted to show you the possibilities for mobile advertising and we hope that you enjoyed yourself while watching all the wonderful sample productions.


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