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In case of asap, use outsourcing!

In case of asap, use outsourcing!

Imagine such a situation – you come to work on Monday and have 30 e-mail messages waiting for you. Additionally. Many of them concern orders…
Sometimes I feel like<br> I'm saving the world

Sometimes I feel like
I'm saving the world

Paweł is someone who already had managed to put his roots down at Trzask. For the past 7 years, he has been constantly making it…
TRZASK STUDIO: a day in a life

TRZASK STUDIO: a day in a life

Interesting and inspiring advertisements should be created in an interesting place by inspiring people. We believe that this is precisely the case with us, and…
BACK TO THE FUTURE #1: <br>Amazing Apple commercials!

Amazing Apple commercials!

We love inspirations! We often watch campaigns from the past and find many really good cases that are in line with modern standards despite being…

Banner Case Study Gaming Inspiration

How to make a tank lighter

When presenting an extraordinary product online,
it is easy to come across a barrier regarding file size limits…

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AdWords Banner Html5 Tips & Tricks

To Block Or Not To Block

Times are not easy for internet advertisement creators.
They are blocked by both internet users and browser developers.

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