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Case Study: Ballantines

Case Study: Ballantines

Ballantine’s is a very brave brand, full of passion and some burning emotions. The work on the video was a unique opportunity to free those emotions…
Inteligent banners found in Adwords planet!

Inteligent banners found in Adwords planet!

Online advertising, especially in form of Adwords, requires a correct attitude towards the user. Today, static images are simply not enough – animation is the…
BACK TO THE FUTURE #2: <br>Amazing Mini Bannercials

Amazing Mini Bannercials

We have a confession to make: we’ve always been into car animation in banner ads. Keeping track with the best ads in the automotive industry,…
Cycling, banners <br>and ping-pong

Cycling, banners
and ping-pong

To say about him that he is a multi-talent guy, is like to say nothing at all. He is playing ping-pong (not bad), drumming on…

Banner Case Study Gaming Inspiration

How to make a tank lighter

When presenting an extraordinary product online,
it is easy to come across a barrier regarding file size limits…

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AdWords Banner Html5 Tips & Tricks

To Block Or Not To Block

Times are not easy for internet advertisement creators.
They are blocked by both internet users and browser developers.

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