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Long Live The Banner!

Long Live The Banner!

Does it seem to you that the first iPhone was launched onto the market ages ago? Well, this device is only 12 years old, less…
Banner Power Games #PILIVE2019

Banner Power Games #PILIVE2019

Every year, the PILIVE Conference takes place in the charming 19th-century Old Bilingsgate Victorian building, picturesquely located on the banks of the River Thames. This…
All (Must Be) <br>in order.

All (Must Be)
in order.

Order is the base! In files, in communication with the client, in terms of the work of the creative department, and even… in the company…
Automatization fever #dmexco2019

Automatization fever #dmexco2019

DMEXCO is one of the largest events related to the advertising industry in the world, occupying the huge area of the “Koelnmesse” conference complex in…
Rocky, Demogorgon and Spider from a Chandelier

Rocky, Demogorgon and Spider from a Chandelier

6 guys, 5 banners: Holiday Edition. With the summer underway, the holiday season in our company is in full swing.   We are still receiving…
Superhero in reality?<br> This is the way how we created realistic figurines!

Superhero in reality?
This is the way how we created realistic figurines!

  Creating online adverts is not everything that we are keen on, yes – we have other passions, too! One of them is the love…
Uncle Google <br>and the Future World

Uncle Google
and the Future World

Future. In a huge office block above the clouds, Google announces its boundless dominion and total control over all of the world’s online ads. It…
Control where the user looks<br> and the butterfly?

Control where the user looks
and the butterfly?

It may seem impossible! And yet, we as designers have a big influence on how the user perceives the advertisement. How we lay out the…

Banner Case Study Gaming Inspiration

How to make a tank lighter

When presenting an extraordinary product online,
it is easy to come across a barrier regarding file size limits…

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AdWords Banner Html5 Tips & Tricks

To Block Or Not To Block

Times are not easy for internet advertisement creators.
They are blocked by both internet users and browser developers.

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