Manufacturers of sweets are unable to convey the true taste and smell in their advertisements…

…so they do everything they can to present their products in an effective and delicious way. Let’s see if they were able to achieve this in online advertisement globally.

We have selected several sweet ads that we are interested in or which surprised us… or made us crave for something sweet! We paid specific attention to the clarity of the creative, visibility of the key elements, and use of colours. Advertisements for sweets are a good example because they usually employ vivid colours, while focussing on the product properties means they are displayed perfectly.

The possibilities for using space in the creative are presented by the Kit Kat chocolate bar banner. Its form is consistent with the shape of the product, while the shade of red used generates automatic associations with the brand even before its name appears. The graphic elements are modest while the animation takes the recipient smoothly to the brand claim, which is a Call To Action at the same time.



Another example of effective use of creative space in advertising is the banner for Tic Tac mints. In this case, the creators decided to use the free spaces on the creative to show how small the mints are, in contrast.



How to present the product ingredients and the place with which the brand is identified in a file no larger than 150 kB? You can see an example of this in the Milka chocolate ad.



Skittles are known for non-standard advertisements full of colour. Are their banners equally as crazy? Certainly, they are as colourful and intense but at the same time they are not exaggerated in terms of details. A lot is happening in the creatives but despite this, we still feel a sense of order and harmony.



In a different creative for the same candy, you can observe how a simple and creative action generates attractiveness in an advertisement. The animation is not complicated but it still attracts attention and surprises the recipient.



The listed banners are only some of the examples of how manufacturers of sweets communicate. They choose simplicity, clarity, and short messages. These are the rules that are worth adopting in Rich Media and AdWords-type advertisements as well as all html5 advertisements if you wish to create an attractive and effective message.
See some of the other sweet advertisements we chose:




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