Highly popular, capacitive, and difficult-to-categorise cinemagraphs have won our hearts in recent times.

What can we say about these non-photos and non-videos? Cinemagraphs are still photos that have been slightly animated on a computer using After Effects software.

To quote their creators:

I want people to look at one and feel like it was a little treat, a piece of discovery.

Their increasing popularity is the reason why they are now used in various industries and for different purposes.
Let me introduce a few of our favourite, exceptional cinemagraphs that are not directly associated with advertisement but relate to art, politics or nature.

Due to the unconventional message, cinemagraphs created by the UN are important, as they portray people who act against violence in the world.



An example of a non-advertisement context for a cinemagraph is also portrayed through armed conflicts and catastrophes such as the war in Syria:


or the Chernobyl disaster:



Cinemagraphs are also capable of exhibiting the beauty of nature:





In art, cinemagraphs may also be used for portraying surreal images. Below, you can find some examples of the work of the artist Jon Jacobsen.



To end this entry, there is a cinemagraph with a cat… because we know that it will touch the hearts of more than half the world’s population 😀



It seems that cinemagraphs have been appreciated and can be used for communicating important ideas, in a similar way to their use by brands in the daily communication of products, and for activation purposes.


May they continue to astonish us and provoke us to search for more.


Author / joanna@trzask.com
8 year experience in IT & advertising. Joanna was working for the biggest advertising agencies and cooperating with the greatest local & international brands. She feels best in relations, because, like she saying, „emotions are all we’ve got”. In Trzask! she’s responsible for client service and business development.

Source: instagram.com, creators.vice.com, flixel.com


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  1. Wonderful collection of cinemagraphs. Most of these have been created without After Effects. They are done with easy to use software that any photographer or marketer can learn in minutes. The cinemagraphs from the UN General Assembly, Chernobyl, and the cat image are all done with Cinemagraph Pro. The wave cinemagraphs are a combination of After Effects and Cinemagraph Pro.

    1000s of other examples in HD can be enjoyed in Flixel Galleries. All created by a global community of cinemagraph artists. https://flixel.com/cinemagraphs/fresh/

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